Investment Management

Zaviri International provides a wide range of investment management services to help you reach your goals. All clients have access to a variety of investment strategies, investment advice, and the ability to regularly monitor and rebalance your portfolio.

Custom Analysis

Complex individual requirements mean that most wholesale brokerages use a narrow scope to categorise portfolio selections which may or may not be successful. This cookie-cutter approach to investment strategy means that most private investors holding managed portfolios follow the same patterns. This hugely limits profitability and exposes a level of risk even in unseemly low risk strategies.


At Zaviri, we believe in putting our clients first. We champion investors and those who serve them because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve great financial outcomes. We treat all our clients as unique and no matter what your level of wealth, Zaviri International can work with you to pursue your financial goals. We get to know you and your needs before we make investment recommendations. We offer a complete portfolio review service and provide as much or as little information required.

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